Red Rock Bengals

Pictured above:  Our bengal stud, Purreciouspots Mojave of Red Rock and our bengal queen, Shangripaw Painted Desert of Red Rock.

Bengal cats are a hybrid created by crossing a domestic cat with an Asian Leopard Cat to preserve the wild looks of their wildcat parents and the sweet personality of the domestic cat.

Red Rock Bengals is a small in-home cattery. Our cats are raised underfoot together with our children and our dog, Pandora. Our kittens make great pets. They are highly social, playful, energetic and affectionate.

Our breeding program is focused on brown rosetted and brown spotted bengals.  They are TICA registered, bred from grand champion lines.

We strongly encourage adoptive families to come out and meet us and our kittens, to see how they’re raised and to choose the perfect pet for your family.

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